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Brutal Bikini Brawlers 2

Brutal Bikini Brawlers 2

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This classic encounter is one of our earliest matches, before the girls learned how to bump, sell, or anything other in the professional gimmick bag. They just wrestled naturally! Becca in flattering purple, and Lee in skin-tight blood red, go three incredible falls.

Though each girl shows off some impressive wrestling skills, the bulk of this tape is what this pair does best... brawling! Lee knows she has to go after the big redhead hard and heavy, and Becca takes some abuse to all parts of her body while she tries to keep the 18 year old blonde in check.

Lee loves to smack away at the redhead's body, having no respect for any of Becca's womanly charms! Nor does Becca cut Lee any slack as she gives as good as she gets. Each girl ends up trapped in the ropes while her opponent methodically works her over.

Virtually uninhibited, the girls target breasts and anything else that gets in their line of fire! It's a cool 3 fall affair that truly earns the title "CLASSIC."

About 37 Minutes • 211 MB
320 x 240 Windows Media Format

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