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Bravely, Blonde

Bravely, Blonde

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We can't let a year go by without at least ONE battle between our original Thundergirls, LEE and BECCA, and thanks to the encouragement of a devoted fan, we've added another of their great matches to ThunderGirlsTheater.

Many of you may know that Becca is semi-retired from the ring, enjoying her work as a massage therapist - and make no mistake, she's as good at relieving stress and pain for her clients as she is for CAUSING it for her opponents! But living a life of tranquility day-to-day can have it's drawbacks. Like, what's she doing with that pent-up aggression? That's easy!


And what a beat-down it is, as Lee can barely get her licks in, the Rowdy Redhead punishing the brave blonde with chokes, knee drops, and anything else that will hurt Lee. Truth is, about half-way through she could have pinned the girl, but maybe she figures it might be another year before she'd get another shot at her? The pin is long in coming, (after a brutal DDT) but DOES finally come, much to the displeasure of a thoroughly battered blonde.

About 20 minutes • 145 MB
320 x 240 Windows Media Format


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